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Standing Deputy Director:Fan Zuojun
2014-06-23 16:49  


Standing Deputy Director:Fan Zuojun

Male, PH.D, Doctoral advisors, Professor of Finance at Guangxi University Business School

Research fields: regional development and fiscal and financial support, China - ASEAN Free Trade Area, Pan-Beibu Gulf regional financial cooperation, enterprises development strategy & investment and financing planning.


PHD in economics, post-doctoral fellow in finance, professor, Doctoral advisors in Finance, Bagui scholars, First-level discipline of Applied Economics Master supervisor, supervisor of Executive MBA EMBA financial management, Master Supervisor of MBA Business Administration Financial Management concentration , Master of Finance (MF) supervisor group leader, Current associate dean of China-ASEAN Research Institute, director of Fiscal and Financial Research Center of Guangxi University, one of the candidates of Ministry of Education New Century’s Excellent Talents funded plan, Questionnaire investigation expert of Monetary Policy Committee of the State Council, Special Research Fellow of International Liaison Department of the Communist Party of China (Contemporary World Research Centre), Chief expert of major research project in Philosophical social science from Ministry of Education, Executive director of  financial engineering society of China, Director of Chinese finance annual meeting, Ministry of Education “Baosteel Education Fund Outstanding Teacher Award" winner. Director of Guangxi Finance Academic committee, A member of Guangxi University Academic Commission, Guangxi "May 4th Youth Medal" winner, The secondary candidates of the New Century National/provincial Ten-Hundred-Thousand Talent Project, Chief expert of provincial Bagui scholars positioned team “China - ASEAN regional economic cooperation research and innovation team”, Leaders of the innovation team of Beibu Gulf opening-up and Development supporting conditions, Guangxi the 4th Higher education Talents Training Base. Candidate of Guangxi high education elite teachers training program; candidate of Foundation for Guangxi Higher education excellent talents; Guangxi university virtue pacesetter, "SanYuRen advanced individual" in Guangxi University, Guangxi Higher education excellent member of the Communist Party

Graduated from Finance department of Zhongnan University of economics and law (national key discipline), Ph.D. in economics, post-doctoral research fellow of Finance at Central University of Finance and Economics (national key discipline), he teaches financial analysis and decision-making, corporate finance, international financial case studies, financial markets, financial institutions and markets, regional financial theory and practice courses.

Research projects:

Hosted one key research project supported by Philosophy and Social Science of Ministry of Education of China; one project supported by National Social Science Fund; one sub-topic of the major projects supported by the National Social Science Fund; one project supported by Planning Fund of the Ministry of Education; one sub-project of the major projects supported by Key Research Base of Ministry of Education; one priority project supported by Postdoctoral Science Foundation of China; one first-class Supported project supported by postdoctoral Science Foundation; four provincial level projects (including one Teaching Reform Research Project); six other provincial and ministerial level projects; fifteen prefectural projects; sixteen horizontal research projects within the plan.

Participated in two National Social Science Fund projects

Academic achievements:

In recent years, he published over 100 academic papers and monographs, had several papers published in Authoritative publication like Economic Research, Management World, Economic Theory and Business Management, International Financial Research, Economic Science, Reform etc.



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