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Vice-Minister Lu Wei of Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee Visited CARI
2017-07-14 16:10   审核人:

On the morning of July 13, a group of people led by Vice-Minister Lu Wei of Propaganda Department of the CPC Central Committee visited CARI with the company of Mr. Huang Daowei, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Guangxi Committee, Mr.Liu Zhengdong, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Guangxi Committee and Chairman of Guangxi University Council, Mr. Zhao Yueyu, President of Guangxi University, and Mr. Fan Zuojun, Vice President of Guangxi University and Executive Deputy Dean of CARI. They have visited Laboratory RM209, the Public Opinion Monitoring Center and the Achievement Exhibiting Room etc..

Vice-Minister Lu Wei has listened to the report made by Professor Fan Zuojun on the development of the institute and the construction of the research team and the cllaborative innovation platform. He asked specific questions on the cosntruction of the big data and the interaction between the Holographic Data Research Information Center and the China-ASEAN Information Harbor. And after a careful visiting, Vice-Minister Lu Wei said big data construction is vital to foster the interaction between China and Southeast Asian countries, and the information should be extensive, classifying and updated in time. In addition to this, we should also cultivate more experts from our own, like Professor Fan Zuojun, who will have higher level of knowledge both in academy and also in a bigger and longer vision picture, which will help promote our influence and improve our power of discourse internationally. At last, Mr. Lu affirmed the development of CARI and hoped that Guangxi could seize the opportunity to make it the central information hub in this region.



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